Whole Foods Market 365

Reconnecting an anchor brand with its roots.

Whole Foods Market 365 Mango Yogurt

Whole Foods Market had lost their way back in 2010. Their anchor private label brand, 365 Everyday Value, was completely disconnected from the Whole Foods Market brand. It resembled a generic, low-quality value-line rather than being reflective of the quality that customers had come to know from Whole Foods Market. Our goal was to reconnect the brand with the philosophy of high-quality and high standards that their customers were expecting.

We did just that, by incorporating elements that reflected the roots of the corporate brand: rustic, natural textures and colors. Because the product design system spanned a wide variety of package types—poly bags to metal tins, labels to egg cartons––we ensured the system would easily expand to the 2,000+ SKUs throughout the line. Ultimately, we created a 60+ page brand guideline book that “laid down the law" of the brand system by providing detailed rules for typography, color, and photography.

The brand system has proven to be a success based on year-over-year sales, with category increases from 10–30%, many with only an update to the package design and is still working well 10 years later.

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