UI design for an award-winning educational software company

image of a student using StudySync software on a laptop

StudySync creates and publishes award-winning educational curriculum for schools in English language arts, ELL, social studies, and science. They're platform is one of a kind and is an easy-to-use platform that delivers adaptable, interactive learning solutions.

We were challenged to streamline and update their user interface across their student and teacher portals. They engage students through video previews of their modules and allow students to write, answer questions, read, and have many tools to help them along the way. These tools can make for a cluttered workspace. We were able to keep the UI clean and simple while still providing all the tools and resources that the students and teachers needed. There is a lot of information that can be found throughout the interface but it doesn't seem too overwhelming or distracting. It was a huge success with the students and teachers and allowed StudySync to grow the platform over the last 5 years to more than 1.5 million student users.

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