Whole Foods Market

Reconnecting a premium brand to its roots.

Whole Foods Market pasta packaging design

We had the opportunity to develop a brand from scratch for a “global food” private label line. Whole Foods Market was hoping to develop a new product line that explored world cuisine. They wanted a unique name and packaging design system that they could expand and build from frozen foods throughout the store.

We originally settled on a name that spoke to the global reach of the cuisine and yet tied back to the wholesome quality of the Whole Foods brand—“Harvest Beyond” was born. We developed the name, brand design system, and initial product photography. While we were nearly ready to go to press with the designs, upper management was nervous about launching a new brand that wasn’t branded specifically as a Whole Foods Market line. Therefore, we were directed to change the name to follow the existing Whole Foods Market brand. In the end, the brand system was robust enough to incorporate the new name without deterring from the overall design. It was so successful that Whole Foods began to use the system throughout the store on the WFM line...and it is still working for them today.

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