iTero by Invisalign

Incorporating a new brand into an evolving company

iTero brochure image

Align Technology was poised to launch a new three-dimensional scanner that was more user-friendly, simpler and more streamlined than previous models. The scanner provides the highest quality scan of patient’s teeth in the industry. The new product was also more portable and flexible and allowed doctors to easily integrate the device into their practice. Align understood that with this new flagship product they needed to refresh the product identity and brand style for all of iTero. We explored an identity refresh, which led to an overall brand refresh.

We focused on bringing the brand design in line with the quality and innovation evident in the new product design and technology. The answer was to simplify and modernize the design style while connecting with the main brand attributes of precise, modern, integrated, premium and approachable.

The new work debuted at a tradeshow in Germany to rave reviews, creating a lot of excitement. Ultimately helping the product outperform sales expectations by 150%. It was an honor to help launch the iTero global brand!

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